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Logistics Park, Padborg


Our team has helped the developer visualize different design options, identifying multiple problems and mistakes made during the design process. Having the possibility to explore the project closely, several improvements have been made to the storage capacity and access planning. Additionally, compelling visual materials such as Photomontage renderings, 360 web tours, and cinematic videos were created for marketing purposes. This will provide the developer with the ability to be convincing to potential tenants before the construction finished.

Exterior 360º tour

The client chose to offer an exterior 360 tour to his audience, to promote understanding of access ways and the general feel of the project. 


Office 360º tour

Visualizing the layout of the future administration space is crucial for potential tenants to understand whether the space suits their needs. 

 Warehouse 360º tour

Each company has different needs when it comes to logistics management. Walking around the future storage halls help potential tenants understand if their needs will be met. 


Photo gallery

Project gallery

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